Tag sale goodies

A few weekends ago Oscar and I joined a good friend of mine, Bridget, and her son for some local tag sales. I haven't had the best luck finding great vintage things around my small town, most of the time the tag sales here are filled with baby gear and clothing (great if you need it, but I do not).
Bridget was on the hunt for a coffee table and book shelves, so O and I came along mostly for support and help hauling her purchase home.
I was pleasantly surprised however at the few that we stopped at, as I found some great goodies.

I picked up this little tea plate to add to my collection.

Oscar got another chalk board, and I like that this one has a little ledge to hold his chalk too.

I found this old quilt, it was only .25 cents and all it needed was a good washing to be usable.

I also, grabbed this sweet little child’s chair for .50 cents. Oscar loves that he can climb up on it and get off all by himself, as it is the perfect size for him right now.
Bridget and I also split up a stack of vintage trays that were a steal. Anytime I see a vintage tray I like I pick it up, and have used them for many things throughout my house. I plan on sharing some of the ways I use the trays with you soon.
Bridget seriously scored big time at the tag sales, she snagged up a sweet vintage coffee table (that I am already lusting after), and she got a great deal on it too. She also ended up going home with a cool old classroom clock, an antique orchard basket, and a heavy duty mirror. She didn't find the bookshelf she was looking for, but summer is just beginning and there are going to be many more tag sales to check out, so I have faith that she will find a great piece.

Stay tuned also, for a little redo we are working on in Bridget's great Victorian apartment. Sometime within the next couple of weeks I am headed to her place to update her space by shopping around her own house, and with a little paint and some simple DIY projects I will give a new life to old pieces. We are both excited to get going on this makeover, and I will defiantly share with you our before and after photos, as well as some great tips for doing the same things in your home.

Watercolor May

This spring has been quite wet here. And although I love a good rain storm, it was hard to get my yard work done, garden planted, and play time in outside because it just wouldn't let up. The last week of May it would rain for a while, then the sun would come up, and then it would rain again, it continued on like this until memorial weekend. Then it was like a light switch turned on and mother nature realized that it was the unofficial start of summer and we need some warm sun.
We were itching to get out of the house, so every time the sun would peek through the clouds that last week in May, Oscar and I would throw on our shoes and head outside until the rain started again.
Even though it was tough to spend a lot of time outside, the rain made everything so pretty. There was a wonderful aroma fo lilacs and fresh rain in the air.
The grass and trees turned green, the gardens started to bloom bright colors, birds chirped back and forth to one another as they gathered up worms, and from time to time a faint rainbow would frame the sky.

I finally got my yard work started (really, it is never finished), my garden is planted, and we are waiting patiently to enjoy some fresh veggies and fruit from it. And of course we have been outside playing any chance we get.
I have been eagerly waiting for summer to begin, as I have a lot planned for Oscar, John and I. We are looking forward to picnics at the park, watching some baseball games, going for bike rides, taking swimming lessons, digging in the garden, visiting the zoo, and much, much more.
It is going to be a great summer, let's just hope the weather cooperates.

Grocery List

After my Grandma passed away we were going through her belongings and I found a great cream wool cardigan of hers. I asked if I could take it home, and since it was the middle of summer, hung it up in my closet. There it sat until the following winter. When the weather had turned bitterly cold, I grabbed that cardigan to keep warm and instantly smelled my Grandma. I was so surprised that after months of hanging in my closet it still carried her scent. It wasn't the smell of her perfume, and I don't think I could ever actually describe it but it was just a smell of comfort, love, and warmth. I remember that smell as I sat on her lap as a young girl, and just from the smell of that old sweater, I was taken back to many happy memories of her. I got so much comfort wearing that sweater and the scent that it still carried, that I held off on washing it as long as possible. However, the time to wash it had finally come, and I new that after that it would never smell the same. I reached into the pockets to make sure they were empty, and my hand felt a piece of paper that I had never even noticed before. I took it out, and there in my Grandmother's handwriting was a shopping list.
* Candy
* Potatoes
* Plates
What more could you ever need?
Of course there would be candy - and of course it would be the first thing on the list. She had a sweet tooth, and her candy dish would always be full, there would always be cookies (Fig Newton’s or gingersnaps to be exact), and rice crispy bars waiting to be shared.
In the final months of her life, she was quite ill and eating was a chore for her, but she could always have a little candy, and whenever you brought a small bowl of jellybeans (black being her favorite) over to her, she would give you the sweetest smile...like a small child. I loved seeing that smile, so I made sure her little candy bowl was always filled.
I like to imagine what this little shopping list was for. Were they planning on having all of us over to their house and that is why she needed plates? Were the potatoes for my Grandpa's yummy soup? If my assumption is correct, I know we all had a wonderful time visiting, I am sure my Grandpa's soup was delicious, and I am sure my Grandma shared her candy with all of us.
The sweater has now been washed many times, and although it no longer smells like her. I still enjoy the comfort it brings every time I put it on, but I really do cherish that shopping list left in her pocket. I  have plans to frame that list, but right now it sits on my dresser, when I am getting ready in the morning it always brings a smile to my face and is a great start to my day, remembering her.
I received some things of my Grandfather's also, and one special item makes me giggle whenever I see it. That will have to wait until another time to share however, because the weather is beautiful out today and I have a little boy standing by the window waiting to get outside and play.

like mother, like son

We love our Moccasins,
and we especially love when we both wear them on the same day.

I believe that one of the best things about raising children is seeing the world in a whole new way. Everything is new to them and everything is absolutely amazing. Whenever we see anything blowing in the wind (grass, trees, flags, garbage, etc.) Oscar stops dead in his tracks and blows it (like he is blowing out candles on a birthday cake) I really do think that he believes it is his "job" to be the wind and he is very serious about it. Going for walks with him has become a brand new adventure for me. Before he came along, I would walk fast, listen to my iPod and look straight ahead, but now, with Oscar we take our time, we look up to the trees and "blow" on them for a while then we notice a bird flying by and stare in amazement at it until a colorful flower catches our eye. We pick up sticks and examine them over and over, we throw rocks into puddles and watch in awe as ripples form where it hits the water. All of these things I have seen a million times and sadly didn't stop to notice until Oscar. I am so grateful for him, he has reminded me to slow down, take notice and enjoy all the little things.

We were on our way to my Aunt and Uncle’s anniversary party a little while ago and John stopped for gas. I could hear Oscar in the back seat “oohing” and “awing” so I turned around to see these buntings blowing in the wind. I immediately got out and snapped some pictures. He was right they really were cool. Normally I would of never even noticed them, but Oscar spotted them instantly and he “blew”…and “blew”….and “blew” while we drove away. Good job buddy, you really are the wind.

Yesterday we were outside and Oscar was instantly drawn to the puddles in our driveway. I was letting him throw rocks into the puddles, but he wanted so badly to get right in there, and I was getting stressed out trying to keep him from sticking his little foot in that muddy puddle every chance he got. Then it dawned on me, why can’t he get wet? It is warm enough out and who is he hurting by getting his shoes and clothes muddy? Nobody. Everything is washable, including him. So the next time he went to stick his foot in the puddle I didn’t stop him. He was EXTATIC! Stomping around in that puddle brought him so much joy. He didn’t care when he fell down on his but right in the middle, instead he sat there and splashed around. The smile on his face was priceless. I pray that he never grows into a stuffy adult, I hope that he always jumps in the puddles instead of walking around them. And I hope that I remember what is more important, keeping a little boy clean or letting him explore the world around him? I want to always choose to let him explore, it is much more fun for both of us anyway.

We are looking forward to spending some time outside today, I am sure we will have some mud to play in, flowers (dandelions) to pick, bugs to watch, and of course a job to do…”be the wind”. What are your plans today? Whether you have children or not, take some time to play and maybe stomp in some puddles.